TRAKWORX Studio - Providing high quality affordable MASTERING, MIXING and RECORDING since 1995. Located near San Francisco, CA. - Email (preferred): justinweis65@gmail.com , phone: (650) 624-8909


Over 35,000 songs mastered.

Trakworx owner/operator Justin Weis has designed the studio to combine analog and digital technologies in ways that bring out the best qualities of each.

A great selection of top equipment, from analog tape, to vintage tube gear, to cutting edge digital technology.

A relaxed, efficient atmosphere that makes the creative process simple and fun. From online mastering to professional mixing to warm and clear recording - Trakworx offers major label quality, priced for the independent artist.

"Mastering at Trakworx was like putting recordings through a giant "awesome button." - Ryan S. - San Francisco, CA

"HIs mastering is on par with studios costing 10 times as much. He has the best and most interesting gear and he is totally ninja with it." - Marc B. - Santa Cruz, CA

"All we can say is that Justin and his studio TRAKWORX exceeded all expectations and blew our frickin' heads off!!" - Zen T. - Los Angeles, CA

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